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Current Investigation:  Creativity, Spiritual Experience, and Their Absence 

If you complete either the Main Measures or the Exploratory/additional Measures of our current study, you will be entered once in a drawing for two $50 Amazon gift certificates.  If you complete both (which is what we really hope and need for you to do) you will be entered three times.  Please clicking on these links:

Study Part 1: Main Measures                 ($50 prize drawing)

Study Part 2: Exploratory Measures      ($50 prize drawing)

Further Information:  

Are you creative or do you have a “creative personality”?  Have you had religious or spiritual experiences, or overwhelming experiences of beauty?    Or do some of these not apply to you, and perhaps you wonder why?  

No matter what your responses to these questions your help is greatly needed for this intriguing new study exploring relevant aspects of personality and perception, among other individual differences. There are some interesting questions and unusual tasks, two $50 prizes, and you will also receive a summary once the study is completed.  Additional information will be given before you begin.

More religious and non-religious, creative and non-creatively involved participants are needed for this study to be complete, so your participation and/or promotion of it would be greatly appreciated.

Future Work

Additional studies will appear on this site in the future. Please consider returning to participate in them and/or posting a link to  theCreativeDifference.NET to your friends--of whatever background.  

Thank you! 

Site under construction: please be true to your nature and help us imagine the rest….

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